Count Your Blessings

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Count your blessings, there is always something for which to be grateful.

By the law of attraction, gratitude is one of the ways to bring more of what you want into your life. When you focus on all the good in your life, the negative aspects will fall away. Adapt an attitude of gratitude, and watch your life transform for the better. Practicing gratitude feels wonderful, I feel so happy when I focus on everything I am thankful for! 

Even if you’re going through a hard time at the moment, there will always be something for which to be thankful. You just need to open your eyes to all that you have right now, and you will find it. 

I try to practice gratitude throughout my day. When I feel down I make a list of everything that I am grateful for, and I instantly feel better!  

You can be thankful for absolutely anything – your health, having more than enough food and drink, clean water, your job, your home, electricity, your loved ones, your pet, a smile, the list goes on. I’m even grateful for the little things like getting a seat on the tube 🙂 and guess what….because I say thank you every time I get a seat, I usually always get one! It may sound silly, but that’s really how it works. 

Your mind shapes the world around you, so by focusing on gratitude i.e. the positives in your life, you will bring more circumstances, events and things to be grateful for into your life. 

Judith xoxo 


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Judith Gericke

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