Follow Your Dreams

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How often do you find yourself saying ‘I’ll do that when…..’ ? So many times in life we put off doing what we really want to do because we imagine a hurdle before we’ve even tried. It could be a lack of money, not the right time, we’re too busy at work, we can’t see how it could work in our current circumstances. And so life passes us by, and many of us are simply surviving instead of living our dreams.

Just recently I’ve decided to stop living my life always hoping for something better, for something else, yet not doing anything differently. How can we have, be or do anything else if we keep doing what we’ve been doing all along?!

So now I’m trying something different – to follow my dreams!

Why shouldn’t it be possible for me? Everything I want to have, be or do, someone else has already achieved. So why not me? As they say – everything seems impossible until it’s done. The only limits that exist are the ones you set yourself. Be brave and go after your dreams, anything is possible.

So here I am following my dreams, and preparing to get a puppy! Yes that’s right! And I’m sooooo excited 🙂 Of course there are days when I don’t know how I will make it work, but if something is meant to be it will work. It just feels right. When I think about Coco (yes she has a name already 🙂 ) this wave of love and happiness comes over me and I just know it’s meant to be. It’s the right thing for me, so it will work.

Think about it – when you’re old and looking back at your life, what is it that you want to remember? Will you regret following your dreams? The only things we regret in life, are the things we didn’t do. So don’t delay, don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ – you’ll be waiting forever. You have the power to create the ‘perfect time’ yourself, so start living your dreams. Your time is now.

I’m excited about following my dreams!

Love always
Judith xoxo



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