The Sugar Rush Aftermath

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I’ve just finished watching Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush for the second time. A programme about sugar and it’s impact on our health in the UK, it’s truly an eye opening show everyone needs to watch! And it’s got me all revved up and eager to do something that will help people kick the habit and get off the white stuff!

Sugar is as addictive as tobacco and alcohol, and is often referred to as the cocaine of the food industry. It’s the perfect ingredient for the profit oriented food industry – it’s really tasty, and as I said, highly addictive. It is added to most, if not all processed foods, and keeps consumers coming back for more.

With obesity, type 2 diabetes and children’s tooth extractions on a steep rise, sugar is not even slowly but quite quickly killing us, and something needs to be done! Jamie’s petition for imposing sugar tax on sugary drinks is a great start. And of course raising awareness of sugar and the impact it’s having on our health is of highest importance. Shock tactics work! I was literally in tears watching the little boy’s six teeth being pulled at the tender age of 6. It’s entirely avoidable, so why would any parent do that to their child?! It’s a lack of education on sugar! I really urge EVERYONE to watch Sugar Rush! Awareness is the first step to recovery 🙂

But what next?

Having raised awareness about the white stuff, we need to educate everyone on how to read the label, and focus on what we can eat instead. If you remove sugar from your diet, the first question on everyone’s mind is “but if I can’t eat all of this, what CAN I eat?!” It’s stressful and worrying when you simply don’t know. But don’t worry, I can help!

Think natural foods. If it’s packaged and processed, chances are there is added sugar. Check the label! What you want to look for is the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in 100g. Anything up to 5g per 100g is ok. More than 5g is too much.

I eat lots of vegetables:
– cucumber, raw peppers, kohlrabi, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, onions, spring onions, fresh herbs, cabbage, kale, leeks.

Steer clear of starchy veg such as root vegetables:
– potatoes, carrots, swede, beetroot, pumpkin, peas, beans

And I also eat lots of proteins:
– salmon, tuna in spring water, chicken, lamb, beef and pork.

Get the raw meat, chicken or fish, rather than pre-processed or marinated. If you’re preparing it yourself, you control what goes into your food. Easy 🙂

If you like dairy and aren’t particularly lactose intolerant, I recommend switching to goats or ewes products as the sugar content (in the lactose) is lower than in cow products. Again, check the label for sugar / carbohydrate content as they try to add sugar in places where you least expect it! I try to buy the product with the lowest amount of carbohydrates.

A fantastic website with tasty and sugar free recipes is Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar.

And trust me, fresh non-processed food is delicious! Get creative in the kitchen and experiment with your new ingredients, I’m sure you’ll become an avid chef in no time 🙂

Focus on what you CAN eat, instead of what you can’t. It helps to think “I can have the sugar, but I choose not to / I don’t want to because I feel better without it”. You have a CHOICE! You can choose to eat natural sugar free foods and be healthy, full of energy and feel amazing in your own skin, all side effects of giving up the white stuff 😉 The choice is yours.

Having quit sugar a few years ago, I found it’s easier if you quit sugar with someone else. You can keep each other on track and motivated, and stop each other from giving up. My mum gave up sugar with me when we found out I was allergic, and it’s been the biggest help and motivator doing it together! Thank you mum! 🙂

I know it’s hard but so worth it! Stick with it and soon the cravings will stop, I promise! If I can do it, so can you.

Judith xoxo

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