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So yesterday was the big day – my first Tough Mudder. It was EPIC and I loved it!

Rewind a few months to an evening spent at the pub, I decided to sign up to do my first Tough Mudder. Never before have I trained for an event, or a specific reason. My training goal has mostly been to look and feel good. But over the last year my goals have changed. Now I want to be strong and functionally fit, lift my own body weight and just move as best I can. What better way to train for that, than to sign up to an epic muddy obstacle course?!

So I convinced 2 friends to sign up with me. 10 miles and 20+ obstacles. It promised to be tough, it promised to be muddy, and it promised to be fun.

For the first time in a long time, I finally had a training goal. It focussed my workouts, increased my drive to be consistent and get stronger, and I missed less workouts. And the excitement for the big day kept growing.

Obligatory muddy picture 🙂

In order to train for it, I tried CrossFit and fell in love with it. Having become bored of traditional weight training at the gym, CrossFit was just what I needed to get back to training, and build the strength and stamina needed for a Tough Mudder. So I got stronger, I got leaner, and I got bigger shoulders with thanks to countless overhead presses 🙂

A couple of weeks before Tough Mudder, both of my team mates pulled out of the event for various reasons. I was gutted! What was I going to do? I tried convincing other friends to join, but with the date being so close, I couldn’t find anyone I knew to join in. So I decided – this wasn’t going to stop me. I wanted to do this Tough Mudder so badly, I had trained for months, I told EVERYONE that I was doing it – I decided to do it on my own.

I’ll admit, it was daunting. I was really nervous on the day – going somewhere I’d never been before and doing a team event on my own…was it a stupid idea? I went anyway! I’m not one to give up, and when I want to do something, I will do it! So off I went, hoping I’d be able to join someone else’s team on the day.

Then event day arrived. I got to Badminton, Gloucestershire in the early morning. There were loads of people of course, everyone in their teams getting ready to run the race. By this point I was thinking ‘oh god what have I done coming here on my own?!’ Really nervous now, I had a walk around the Mudder Village and ended up speaking to a chap called Ollie, trying to get some tips on how to conquer the Pyramid. Turns out Ollie was also on his own and now running with a team he had met the previous day. So I asked if I could join them, and voila – I had a team 😀

Ollie and I after the run

I met Sophie and Josh in the warm up area, and thus our team of 4 was complete. After a cheesy warm up and the Tough Mudder Pledge, off we went on our Mudder Adventure. I was so excited and happy to now be running with a team. I’ll be forever grateful that they let me join their team and helped make the day such a great one!

After the first 3 or 4 obstacles, we were met by the one and only ‘Arctic Enema’. We had all been dreading it, and here it was – sooner than expected…. I had been given 2 bits of advice that morning: ‘hold your breath’, and ‘don’t think about it’. So off I went into a skip of ice cold water, head under water and everything, and oh my god was it cold! But I did it, and for the sense of achievement afterwards it was totally worth it.

We skipped the ‘Electric Shock Therapy’ as someone had just injured themselves running through it, and carried on down the track. There was mud, then water, climbs, wheelbarrow walks, crawling through pipes, conquering walls, and more mud. Everyone worked together to complete the obstacles. At one point someone practically threw me over the ‘Berlin Wall’, haha!

I’m going to admit it right now – I chickened out on one obstacle….the ‘Birth Canal’. And yes it’s as awful as it sounds!

Eventually we got to the ‘Funkey Monkey’, which is a row of monkey bars followed by 3 turning wheels that you need to navigate (hanging) to reach the other side. If you fail, you land in a pool of muddy water. So off I went. And I was literally flying until I got to the last wheel, and all I needed was a couple more centimetres to reach that last bar. I missed it by an inch, and off I went plunging into the water. And still I am SO proud of myself for making it so far! It was AWESOME!!

Half of our team after the run

Honestly, the hardest thing was the running. I’m not a runner, I don’t particularly like running long distances, and so I didn’t train for it. Today, my hip flexors are really tight. But who can blame them, they’ve run 10 miles!

After conquering Everest and the Pyramid, we were greeted at the finish line by a cider, finisher t-shirt and a headband, and most of all a great sense of achievement. The course was filled with like-minded Mudders, everyone helping each other to conquer the obstacles and get through to the finish line. It has been such a fun and fulfilling experience! I am so glad I still went, although initially on my own, and completed what I had set out to do.

So what have I taken away from my first Tough Mudder?

A finisher headband and t-shirt. Yes I’m still wearing the t-shirt and am planning to do so for the foreseeable future 🙂

A new kind of fitness – one that lets you conquer obstacles, where you work as a team and push yourself to your limits.

We are all capable of so much more than we think we are. And when we work together, we can achieve so much more!

Having a training goal keeps you focused and accountable when it comes to training.

Don’t be scared to do something on your own. If you don’t have a team or friend to do something with, do it anyway. There will always be someone there to help you when needed. And if that means you go to a Tough Mudder on your own – do it! I did, and I had an amazing time!

So did I enjoy my first Tough Mudder? I absolutely loved it!

Am I going to do another one? Hell yeah!

Would I recommend you sign up to one? Definitely! What are you waiting for?!


Until next time,

Judith xoxo

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